Class Ethos

A ‘Performance 40’ is a Cruiser/Racer around 40ft and will be defined by the limitations set out in the Performance 40 Class Rules, utilising information from her IRC Certificate. Also known as a P40, the intention is for this to be a mostly 'Corinthian' Class, where family and friends get a taste of Grand Prix style Racing. 


There are no sign up fees, committees etc. The series is organized by Sweet Swete Sailing Ltd. with help from the team at North Sails UK & affiliated Yacht Club's.


The Performance 40  Class Manager ensures that the ethos and rules are adhered to, keeping the racing fair and preventing it from becoming an arms race.

The aim of the Performance 40 Class is to run fun, competitive and affordable racing in a professional and fair way, with a friendly vibe on and off the water. All crews are encouraged to mix and join in with regatta social events. 


P40 Class Rules

A ‘Performance 40’ is a Cruiser/Racer around 40ft and will be defined by the below limitations, utilising information from her IRC Certificate. 


For reference a First 40 is at the bottom of the band and an XP44 is at the top of the band. This includes but is not limited to; J111’s, J122’s,  J121's, Grand Soleil 43’s, JND 39’s, Mills 39’s, Matt 12’s, Farr 40’s, King 40’s, JPK 1180's etc.

 IRC Band 1.070-1.145

LH 10.9m-14.1m

DLR 125-205

Max Draft 2.70m

Performance 40's are a Corinthian Class and will closely follow the IRC Rules, P40 Class Rule and the Ethos  of the Class. We have purposely kept class rules etc. extremely simple, with the intent that the Class Ethos will take precedent. Sailing is primarily a 'self policed' sport & some onus must be placed on Skippers and Crews to 'play by the rules', however if and when needed the  'Class Captain' will be enforcing these values and ensuring that they are adhered to.


  • Each boat shall have no more than 2 World Sailing Category 3 sailors onboard and only one sailor may be paid on a boat. 

  • IRC Crew limits will apply, unless regattas are subject to any crew restrictions or IRC Rule 22.4.2 has been modified by the regatta NOR. 

Coach Boats:

  • Coach boats are discouraged in the P40 Class. If there are any support boats on the water, then they shall not communicate or interact with a P40 in any way from the Warning Signal of the first race of the day until the finish of days racing.  

P40 Management

Performance 40 Class Management

We are passionate about creating a great racing scene on our doorstep and from our experiences being involved in running other successful classes in the UK,  we feel it is most beneficial to have an unbiased, professional and enthusiastic Class Team that ensures the ethos of the class is preserved, the rules are enforced and the racing is fair, fun and affordable.


Owners thoughts and opinions are of course at the fore of any Performance 40 discussions and very much welcomed, while we simplify the decision making process by having a small unbiased team that makes the ultimate decisions, with the best intentions for the class going forwards. 

Dave Swete

Class Manager

Phone: +447470686717